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Preservation of the Geological Heritage of Ukraine
http://www.progeo.se NO. 2. 2005
Mironivka quaternary loess-paleosoil sequence along the Azov shore.
Preservation of the Geological
Heritage of Ukraine: new steps
towards the creation of a database
of geosites
Volodymyr Manyuk, Dnipropetrovsk National University,
K.Marx, 36, Dnipropetrovsk, 49044, Ukraine.
E-mail: manuk-geo@mail.ru
In 2003 the State Geological Service of Ukraine made
an attempt to estimate the geological heritage of the
country. During one field season, from the beginning of
May up to the end of September the incorporated efforts
of the regional representatives of the Geological
Service carried out field work to study the natural geological
monuments throughout Ukraine. It is an increasingly
active movement for creating a national ecological
network in Ukraine, and a major component in this
work is linked to the nation’s geological heritage and
Thanks to the financial support of the State Geological
enterprise "Pivdenukrgeology", objects of geological
heritage of six regions of Ukraine have been investigated.
The investigated area, which makes up 25 % of
the country, is located in the structural – tectonic relation
within the limits of the Ukrainian shields, Dnieper-
Donetsk and Prechernomorian depressions and the
Donetsk folded structure of the Hercynides.
Before the beginning of, and during the period of field
research a significant amount of work was done towards
obtaining archival data which most fully described
the history of each object of geological heritage
and its scientific value.
http://www.progeo.se NO. 2. 2005
The purpose of the work was to identify geosites deserving
preservation as well as existing objects, having
protected status. An evaluation of the condition of each
of the monuments was carried out including the degree
of their safety, a detailed description of objects of its
contribution to geological heritage (under the draft
format offered in 1998 Johansson C.E. et al.), survey
control and stratigraphy. A photographic documentation
was also carried out and rock, minerals and fossil
samples was collected for documentation.
131 geosites of high quality were identified during the
field work. Of these about 50 have the official status of
protected natural objects in one way or another: geological
monuments of local and state importance, landscape
and geological reserves and part of nature reserves
("Atlas of Objects of Nature-Reserve Fund of
Ukraine " 2003).
According to standard classification of geosites in
Ukraine 26 geosites was stratigraphic, 20 paleontological,
2 geochronological, 19 petrographic, 4 mineralogical,
6 tectonic, 19 geomorphologic, 3 karstic, 5 glaciological,
5 sediment-litological, 13 geoeconomic, 4 volcanic
and 5 geocultural.
A book, „Natural Geological Monuments of Ukraine” is
under preparation for publication and a computer databank
of all geosites of Ukraine is proceeding. Besides
providing basic geological information, the database,
with the purpose of popularizing the geological heritage
and its potential for tourism, will also be filled with information
on objects of cultural heritage.
A number of objects are considered as suitable for the
creation of geoparks. First of all :
• the unique outcrops of Proterozoic rocks containing
rich iron ores of the Krivorozhskian deposit
on the river Inguletc;
• picturesque outcrops of Archean granitoids,
• Devonian and Carboniferous limestones,
• basalt intrusions with spherical and columnar
structures such as " The Giants Causeway " in
Cultural and geological heritage. Keleberda granitic
rocks along the banks of the Dnepr.
The natural geological monument “Eagles nest” by the
river Ingulets in Kryviy Rig.
http://www.progeo.se NO. 2. 2005
Gigantic stone
“Giant” at the
The forms of
weathering in the
granitic rocks of
the “Grave-stones”
the valley of the river Kalmius in the south of
Donetsk region;
• Isachkovskian salt-dome structure (diapir),
fragments of which it is possible to see in
abandoned quarries in Poltava region (basalts,
tuff-breccias, diabasis, dolerites, tuffconglomerates
of Devonian, limestones of
• Granite massive " Stone tombs " in the Priasovian
block of the Ukrainian shield, with surprising
forms of weathered rocks of the Proterozoic
Kamennomogilskian complex.
In Dnipropetrovsk National University, the creation of a
geological museum is planned. It will include an exhibition
„Preservation of natural geological monuments of
A display of samples of minerals, rocks and fossils
collected in the course of field work and a description
of the basic geosites will be included in the museum
together with the illustrative materials describing basic
objects of geological heritage such as geological maps,
geologic sections, photos, a slide - show, educational
films etc.
http://www.progeo.se NO. 2. 2005
ProGEO Membership 2005
For you who have not yet renewed your subscription,
please notice that it is due time to do so.
Please inform the Treasurer about your subscription
intentions, either personally or via the national representative.
If you are uncertain about your payment
status you are very welcome to contact us.
In order to reduce the administration no individual invoices
are sent out since 2003, except on request and
to all institutional members. For the same reason we
have abandoned issuing member cards in favour of
ordinary receipts upon payment occasion.
The fees are the same as before: individuals pay 25
Euro and institutional members 150 Euro, if no other
agreements have been made. (Members from many
former Soviet countries are currently exempted from
payment (annual member registration is required) or
may pay full or reduced subscriptions.)
If you by any reason have difficulties with the bank
transfer, then please contact the Treasurer for optional
arrangements. Unfortunately we are still not able to
accept credit card payments because of high charges.
Payment instructions:
Please remember to state name and member year.
Payment to ProGEO should be transferred to
IBAN: SE81 8000 0838 1697 3296 5174
Swiftcode: SWEDSESS
If additional information is required, the address is:
SE-105 34 Stockholm
It is recommended to inform the Treasurer by email
(see address below).
Joining ProGEO
To join, please write to or e-mail to the Executive Secretary
and include a signed member application form.
This and all necessary information is found on the
ProGEO subpage Join ProGEO (www.progeo.se).
If you have any further questions about payment,
please contact me at progeo@sgu.se
Gunnel Ransed
Natural and Cultural Landscapes,
The Geological Foundation
Proceedings of a conference, 9-11 September 2002,
Dublin Castle, Ireland
Edited by Matthew Parkes
Conference Sponsors:
Royal Irish Academy; Geological Survey of Ireland;
Geological Survey of Northern Ireland >; The Heritage
Council; DEPFA BANK.
The conference was organised in association with
ProGEO, UNESCO, IUGS, European Geoparks and
the Environment and Heritage Service
EUR 20.00 / USD 25.00/ GBP 15.00 (including postage),
ISBN 1-904890-00-8
There are a limited of copies available free to ProGEO
members who might not easily be able to order one.
Please contact
Matthew Parkes (matthewparkes@gsi.ie).
http://www.progeo.se NO. 2. 2005
“ Ten years geological heritage in
SE Europe”
ProGEO WG-1 subregional meeting & field trips
Tirana, Albania, May 12-17, 2005
ProGEO-Albania/Afat Serjani
E-mail: aserjani@yahoo.com
The meeting was organized by ProGEO-Albania (Union
of Albanian Geologists for Geoscience Heritage) in
collaboration with Academy of Sciences of Albania and
Geological Survey of Albania (GSA) according to the
objectives determined in August last year as included
in the First Circular distributed during the International
Geological Congress in Florence, Italy (20-28, August,
The reception was dedicated to the celebration of the
Tenth Anniversary of ProGEO WG-1 SE European
countries and was held on May 12 at 2000, exactly ten
years after the Bransko, Bulgaria Declaration and
Resolution, signed on May 1995) in Vila Nr. 31, “Pjeter
Bogdani” Str. Representatives from Bulgaria, Serbia
and Monte Negro, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Slovenia,
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Italy, Russia participated
together with the Executive Secretary of Pro-
GEO. From Albania were also invited representatives
from ministries, Academy of Sciences of Albania, from
GSA and the Geological Research Institute etc. Greetings
speeches where held by Prof. Dr. Afat Serjani,
Prof. Dr. Ivan Zagorchev and Dr. Dusan Mijovic.
ProGEO Participants of excursion together with a group of students of Gjirokastra University
Foto A. Serjani.
http://www.progeo.se NO. 2. 2005
The scientific sessions were held in the conference hall
of the Academy of Sciences of Albania. The following
papers was presented:
Ten Years Geological Heritage Conservation
in Albania
• Galiba SIJARIC: Situation Regarding Protection
of Geological Heritage in BH in the last 10
• Radoslav NAKOV and Todor TODOROV: Ten
years ProGEO-Bulgaria – results and tasks in
the frame of the Nature Protection in the
Heritage Conservation in Greece during last
ten years (since the foundation of ProGEO
• Dušan MIJOVIC: The Framework of the Geological
Heritage Conservation activities in Serbia
and Montenegro (1995-2005)
• Branka HLAD: Geological Heritage, ten years
from Sofia to Tirana - minutes from Slovenia
• Alexandru ANDRASANU: Integration of geodiversity,
biodiversity and local development
• Fuat SAROGLU, Nizamettin KAZANCI, Hulya
INANAER: Last Ten years of Geoheritage in
• Ivan ZAGORCHEV: Planet Earth and Balkan
“mountains of fire”: Geological Heritage and
European diversity
• Nizamettin KAZANCI, Ediz KIRMAN, Fatih
UYSAL, Sonay BOYRAZ: Sedimentary responses
of different lakes to semi-arid climate
and their roles on development of geosites in
• Arben PAMBUKU, Hamdi BESHKU, Halil
HALLAÇI: Karavasta lagoon as a geomonument
protected by Ramsar Convention
20 poster presentations were also included in the program
covering issues from Albania, Russia, Serbia and
Monte Negro, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Kosovo.
Two field trips were organized:
• A southern geotour from Tirana to Saranda
and Butriniti archeological site was lead by
Afat Serjani & Halil Hallaci. It included the Tirana
coal basin, Ndroqi stratigraphical section
of molasses, Kavaja Rock, Marinza oil deposit,
Greshica transgression, Memaliaj coal basin,
Participants of field trip in the last stop: Komani tectonical-structural site, May 17, 2005. Foto: A. Serjani
http://www.progeo.se NO. 2. 2005
Kelcyra geotourist spot, Viroi artesian spring,
Mali Gjere section and Muzina Pass, “Blue
Eyes” springs, Llogara regional geosite (contact
between African and Eurasian Plates) and
Llogara national Park - Pashaliman Lagoon
• A northern geotour from Tirana to Shkodra up
to Komani north and back. (Leaders Adil
Neziraj & Ibrahim Milushi) visited the Spiteni
condensed section- Lezha historic town -
Shkodra City (Rozafa castle watch point) - Vau
Dejes – Karma pillow lavas and Komani tectonical-
structural regional geosite
Working Group meetings were held on the following
• ProGEO Strategy and concrete state-of-art in
every SE Europe country.
• State of the inventories of geological sites in
each country of SE Europe
• Portugal Symposium and proposal for the next
meeting of WG-1.
• Geological Heritage Conservation and Education,
present state and program
• Consolidation of ProGEO National Groups in
every country improving mutual working contacts
and activities especially between
neighboring countries of SE Europe.
Some of the main values of this meeting:
• ProGEO WG-1 SE Europe Meeting testified
clearly: The European Association for the
Geological Heritage Conservation, which is
dealing with one of the most important problems
of European countries is going to be
wider and stronger step by step. The questions
of knowledge, management and protection
of natural monuments and geosites in
Balkan countries are treated in state institutions
and by non government organizations.
• The celebration of Tenth Anniversary of WG-1
was a good example for other working groups
of ProGEO.
• The organization of oral and poster scientific
sessions with level of preparation and good
level of organization testify about new
achievements in scientific field and in modern
mode of presentation. Both sessions were visited
by a lot of Albanian specialists of geology,
geography, geomorphologists, etc.
• The field trips with their perfect organization
gave to all foreign participants, who were for
the first time in Albania the possibility to see
rare natural monuments and interesting geology
of Albania. The same we can say for the
Albanian participants.
• Good organization of the meeting and the stability
of our country were seen clearly during
this long activity all over Albania. During these
days nobody had any trouble. All participants
were feeling very good and pleasant.
• The solidarity and social integration of all participants
was seen clearly during reception,
sessions and field trips. Between the Balkan
countries are going to establish new reports
and nowadays relations including here correct
relations between participants from Serbia and
Finally in this report we would like to repeat again our
cordial thanks to all participants and to them, who supported
this international Meeting.
From the webmaster
Dear members,
Summer is slowly but surely finding its way to my latitudes,
but I am sure the rest of you have enjoyed the
warmth for some time now. It is now June and so far
(this year) I have spent most of my ProGEO time assisting
our Treasurer Gunnel Ransed with membership
issues. The rest of my time I have tried to keep the
web site up-to-date, but have not been able to make
other efforts.
There are suggestions of changes proposed for the
site, and as the Webmaster of ProGEO I am looking
forward to have the time to do a bit of ”home improvement”.
After the Braga meeting I will start to update
some pages and functions.
I write to let you know this, and secondly to ask you to
start to change the web site by contributing! If you
know any other geoconservation organisations (or
ProGEO national group that are not on the Links
page!), please send that link to me. Organisations,
museums, authorities and other bodies involved in
geoconservation should of course be represented on
our Links page. I have some links already, just waiting
for the right group to be put in.
When principal changes are made I will let you know of
Best wishes
Sven Lundqvist
http://www.progeo.se NO. 2. 2005
Deadline for the next issue of ProGEO NEWS: 01.10.2005
TITLE : « Geological and Palaeontological
Heritage: Retrieval, Conservation, Management
and Display »
The postgraduate course of Museum Studies of the
University of Athens in collaboration with the Technological
Institute of Athens organizes an intensive
course on a range of subjects related to Geological
and Palaeontological Heritage and Monuments. The
course is aimed at providing an overall outlook of Geological
Heritage in an interdisciplinary manner. Therefore,
it will start with a review of the attributes of Geological
and Palaeontological heritage as well as processes
of geological formations. It will further continue
with short presentation of the subjects of history, fieldworks
techniques and connoisseurship on Geological
and Palaeontological Heritage, as it has been formed
from the past up to the present day. In addition, the
course will focus on aspects of environmental hazards
and conservation, management, display techniques
and communication modes applied in geological exhibitions
and monuments.
The course is intended for those, who have a level of
proficiency in the domain of museum or collection of
geological heritage or in a broadly defined field of conservation
and collection management. It will be also
suitable for museum, conservation or geology students.
The main body of the course will aim at acquainting the
participants with a wide variety of topics, concerning
management and exhibition of the above material as
well as with proper terminology and methodology to be
used in order to obtain the best practice.
The four day course involves 7 hours of lectures daily.
The fifth day is devoted to a practical session, thus
conducting a palaeontological excavation. Also, during
the last day, the geological museums and monuments
of the area will be shown, in one day excursion, as well
as case studies, which will address, in a practical manner,
the theoretical discussions and will attempt to
apply the knowledge and the conclusions of the given
Tutor: Professor M. D. Dermitzakis, Vice-Rector of
Financial Planning and Development. Professor of the
Department of Geology at the University of Athens.
Vice- Tutor: Professor G. Panagiaris, President of the
Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works
of Art at the Technological Institution of Athens.
Duration: 6 days (21 August 2006-26 August 2006)
Location: Vrisa Lesvos Island, Greece
Number of participants: up to 40 persons
Contact details:
Daphne Stamboliadi,
E-mail: dstabol@admin.uoa.gr
Tel.: 00302103689780
ProGEO: European Association for the Conservation of the Geological Heritage. ● Address: Box 670, SGU,
SE-751 28 Uppsala, Sweden. ● Treasurer: Gunnel Ransed. ● Bank: SWEDBANK, SE-105 34 Stockholm, Sweden.
Swiftcode: SWEDSESS. IBAN: SE81 8000 0838 1697 3296 5174. ● Membership subscription: personal: €25/yr.,
institutional: €150/yr. ● President: Dr. Francesco Zarlenga, ENEA Cr-Casaccia, Division CAT, Via Anguillarese, 301,
00060 Roma, Italy. ● Executive Secretary: W.A.P. Wimbledon, Postgraduate Research Institute for Sedimentology
University of Reading, Whiteknights, READING RG6 6AB, United Kingdom.
ProGEO NEWS - A ProGEO newsletter issued 4 times a year with information about ProGEO and its activities. Editor:
Lars Erikstad, NINA, Box 736 Sentrum, N-0105 Oslo, Norway, Phone: + 47 73 80 17 08, Fax: +47 22 33 11 01, e-mail:
lars.erikstad@nina.no. Contributions preferred on diskette (Word- or ASCII-format) or by e-mail if possible.
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